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  • Extraordinary exotic poem that makes you scream in climax

    If you are into erotic poetry then you probably come to the right place. Paloqueth, (whatever this name is, don’t know how to pronounce it), I had gathered some original sexy steamy erotic love poems. I hope you just enjoy them as much as I did, you know these could be another fetish spice up your sex life, share them with your loved ones, rekindle the smoldering fire of desire burning deep inside us all. [Read more...]
  • 6 Sex Stories On Halloween You Should Beware

    Halloween is a time for dressing up in a wild costume, watching scary movies, and eating copious amounts of candy. If you're an adult, it's also a time to go to a party, hook up with someone, and leave red and blue streaks of makeup from your Pennywise clown costume all over your hookup buddy's mouth, neck, and bed. If your costume has ever low-key cockblocked you like this, don't fret, you're not the only with an embarrassing sex story from Halloween. [Read more...]
  • what colour is the most sexually attractive?

    There is certainly much behavioural science research showing the most popular skin colour, eye colour, or hair colour when it comes to sexual attractiveness. But there is little on what is the most sexually attractive color as such. [Read more...]
  • Why do Nice Guy want a Sex Doll?

    When it comes to the topic of sex doll, the first scene floated in most people's brain is that a highly realistic artifact designed simply for sex. It would be totally creepy to see a speechless and stiff human shape thing when waking up every morning, as one of our female colleagues commented, it's just like a zombie! [Read more...]
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