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PALOQUETH Realistic Male Sex Doll

4.5 out of 5 stars

Realistic Male Sex Doll with Inviting Vagina and Anal Opening, PALOQUETH 3D Lifelike mini Masturbator from Soft Squeezable Silicone for Natural Suction

$39.99  $55
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Product Specs
Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds
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Rroduct Details

✅ It has dual entry that’s made from a realistic, skin-soft ,phthalates free, RoHS compliant TPR material, which feels so natural and pleasurable you'll swear it's the real thing.

✅ Unlike some sex dolls, Paloqueth sex doll will not easily get torn. You can keep her for a long time and enjoy this luxury product.

✅ Cast from a real model with bikini bathing suit and floral tattoos on her body. You will not be able to resist running your fingers over her whole body.

✅ Ensure you fully lubricate your little hunk of heaven before you plunge inside, for a deliciously slick experience.

✅ Your privacy is our priority. Discrete packaging guaranteed. Includes: Paloqueth Doll (Dimensions: 9.8X6.5 inches) ,3.71 lb sex doll X1, lubricant x1.

PALOQUETH: One of Top Leader in Adult Toys and Products

Paloqueth was founded on one core idea – that sex should be enjoyed without reservation, judgment, or guilt. We were determined to bring high quality products, the kinds of products our own staff use, to our customers in a casual, classy, safe, fun, informative, and sex-positive atmosphere.

We believe that every one of us has a little bit of naughty inside just begging to be let out. We want to encourage you to enjoy your sexuality, to play, to experiment – either by yourself or with your lover.

You'll receive pleasure in more ways than one when shopping for sex toys with us. We are different...Have a look around and you will see why...



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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • you know its pretty embarrassed talking about this masturbating doll
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Joseph    28/07/2017
    you know its pretty embarrassed talking about this masturbating doll,the reason i bought this because of never try this kinda sex doll and ads goes so hot make me wanna grab one and see if is as it described. nothing shame with this its men kind sometime without a girl and men needed a hole, and surely this sex doll will be great with a complimentary lubricant make it easily get in the hole and enjoy it...
    this sex doll with two hole, and you can feel which hole will tided, and really feeling good on the breast, hold it like hold the real 70%. one bad is dont have a voice , so can't enjoy too much as real. ha
  • Way better than a cup masturbator...
    5 out of 5 stars
    By James    28/07/2017
    This is the first time I've ever had a toy just like this, I've always dealt with masturbation cups and pocket toys; and by experiencing this, I don't think I can go back to the others.

    So, let's start with the doll itself. It's a pretty good size, and actually works very well as eye candy, on top of being a toy. I'm a sucker for toys that have multiple uses in them, and this ticks a lot off the list of uses for a sex toy. The two different holes actually do feel different, with the anus being noticeable more tighter and differently ridged and bumped than the vagina. The vagina has a ribbed texture on the first inch, and deep bumps past that, which are more uniform that the anus. The anus however is very bumpy and ridgy while being tight. Both were very pleasing to use and the weight of the doll keeps it still for hands free play. The breasts of the doll function as a way to hold the doll while using it or as another place to use. Though they are a bit firm and a bit small, they still bring a different feel to playing with this toy. The ability to switch using holes quickly brings another aspect to this toy that I never thought of before, something that I can't even do to my girlfriend! (Easy way to a yeast infection in real life)

    The silicone is actually quite nice for the price point of this doll, and makes me wonder how they can afford to sell it at this price! The size of the doll would make you wonder about it too. The silicone is stretchy, and lets the holes take greater girths without tearing. The body is still firm, though, and helps the doll stay put during play. I love the way they shaped this toy, it stays still a bit of a tease with its swimwear design but still lets it look naked to stimulate your mind during play.

    The doll is pretty simple to clean, just run water into the holes after you finish, then drain. Of course, I wash with sex toy cleaner to keep it lasting longer as well. I make sure to store it in the bag included to keep it clean, as silicone in general attracts dust like nobodies business.

    I'd definitely recommend this toy. I actually find it nicer than Fleshlight products, because of the usability you can get out of this one toy compared to theirs. It's still (almost) as portable as a fleshlight, it just needs to be put into some kind of bag and slipped into your backpack. Of course, it wouldn't be too convenient to try and use this doll for voyeurism but this is not the dolls use case. It is a doll after all, and meant to stay at home. The only things I can think this could use would be perhaps another hole for the mouth (though it would get more expensive and might look a little strange with a head...), and perhaps bare nipples on the breasts of the doll (but the little bump feels good to touch too..)

  • Extremely realistic feel
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Ron LoveTOP 1000 REVIEWER    28/07/2017
    This doll is very soft and inviting, very well made. The materials seem told be durable, unknown many toys become damaged easily but this one seems to hold up very well.
    The size is nice, it is accommodating and comfortable. They include a small bottle of water base lubricant as well which is a cool bonus
    Great price for a quality item ..
  • Nice male masturbator i just try it I love it
    5 out of 5 stars
    By ok_ping    28/07/2017
    Nice male masturbator i just try it I love it.Holding the curious mind buying, found after receipt of the parcel is very heavy, after open the packing is very elegant, and card also explain and complimentary lubricant,and discovered the toy material is very soft, simulation is very high, Works like real! Awesome! :)
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