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PALOQUETH Smooth Silicon Anal Vibrator

4.3 out of 5 stars

Vibrating Anal Sex Toys with 10 Powerful Vibration Patterns, PALOQUETH Smooth Silicon Anal Vibrator Butt Plug Massager Wireless Remote Control for Desired Pleasurable Result

$21.99  $28
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Product Specs
Shipping Weight: 7.8 ounces
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Rroduct Details

✅  PALOQUETH anal toys is made with a smooth phthalates free material so it is super safe on your skin, help with ejaculation, urine flow, and erectile dysfunction.

✅  With 10 powerful patterns/speeds to choose from, you’ll be taken to new heights of toe-curling pleasure and left wondering why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

✅  PALOQUETH anal vibrator is rounded with a silver metal flat base, ensuring your safety during use and giving you some satisfying visual effect at the same time.

✅  Rounded curved spiraling stripe with 1.3 inch girth offers easy insertion and precise stimulation.

✅  Hand held remote control with sleek design to control the functions of this anal plug from up to 10 meters distance

Brief Summary of Paloqueth Butt Sex Toys

For those looking to take their prostate play to the next level, Paloqueth vibrating prostate should be towards the top of anyone's list. 
As a prostate toy it delivers an incredible amount of pleasure. The vibrations are strong, the rhythms are intense and it certainly touches all the right spots, ensuring an endless wave of teeth-gnashingly good feelings. It's nicely designed, waterproof and whisper quiet.
So how does it feel? Wonderful. As I lay there, it feels like someone is circling my prostate with their fingers - it gives me a new level of hardness, and it's given me some of the strongest feelings  I’ve ever had. Handing the remote control over to someone else is also a plus, especially when combined with restraints and a blindfold. 
Completing the package, there is a nice storage bag and it's USB rechargeable. As luxury prostate toys go, this is pure genius and offers something totally unique to what regular vibrating prostate toys can offer. It's an expensive investment, but to be honest, you most likely won't want to try anything else.

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • Great toy but probably not for a newbie
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Christina McDaniel    26/10/2017
    This toy is great. It's soft to the touch. Ribs are gentle yet firm enough for stimulation. Has several speeds and modes to choose from to hit your sweet spot. If you're thinking it's going to be smaller in person, it's not. It was about the size I imagined after looking at the photo. Not for the inexperienced adventurer. Diameter at fullest is probably close to the size of an American quarter.
    This was my second purchase from this seller and was happy both times. Shipping was fast. Packaging was discreet. Comes in a classy labeled box inside Amazon branded box. Toy was sealed inside box for sanitary purposes. Includes storage bag, charging cord, and instructions. Came charged up enough for a test run. I recommend charging fully prior to "the big game". Also found another Amazon gift card. Guess that means I'll be buying more in the future!
  • Strong Vibrations
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Amazon Customer    26/10/2017
    This has got to be one of the strongest vibrating toys I own. It really puts my other branded ones to shame, and it's wireless. As soon as I got it I tested the vibrations of it and it almost hopped out of my hand! Paloqueth really did a good job with this one.

    The packaging is very nice, I actually ended up saving the box to store the toys in my chest. But, if you want to keep it out loose, or if you're traveling, it comes with a nice silky pouch. The toy also comes with a charging cable and some other nice amenities from Paloqueth!

    The toy itself is made of really nice silicon. It has a rubberized feel of course and feels very nice in hand. It's very thick and is grooved, so it feels great going in and out. The thickness of the silicone really amplifies the vibrations too! The bottom has a nice glossy metal finish which gives a nice difference in texture to find the button when you're back there!

    But, you won't really have to because it comes with a wireless remote! The remote is made of the same or similar rubberized silicone and feels great to touch and use (Never thought I'd say that about a remote but here I am!). The remote is really useful when you're in the moment, since you don't really have to pause and reach for the button. A really nice touch!

    Also, of course it's fairly priced. I'm really impressed with this toy!
  • Exceeds my expectations and then some
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Heavenly    26/10/2017
    Now this is not our first time around the block, but this toy brought a new game to the table. There's definitely no issues with a lack of strength because this guy sets the bar with it's strong vibration, in 10 modes of various patterns. The material is a smooth as butter waterproof silicone that is easy to clean and makes for extra smooth play. I really do love how it includes a pouch for storing as well!! Now have I mentioned that this gadget comes with a remote? I know right, amazing. I love how at any given time my husband and I can take over in the control department.
    To all the newbies just getting started in "backdoor play", look no further. The size is perfect for your introduction and will provide an opportunity for new experiences.
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