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"Take It or Leave It" What’s the real feel of Future Sex?

After watching the movie "Her", I can't stop wondering, is this probably gonna be our love situation in the future? A Paloqueth AI (artificial intelligence) specially designed to help people solving their emotional problem, or in a physical dimension like robot sex doll. If the future comes true, MGTOW (men going their own way community) would declare victory towards feminist. lol


If you noticed the continuous shocking news about a man married computer or sex doll in place of the real woman, you know the future is on the go. 

A 31-year-old artificial intelligence expert, who designs and creates robots in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, wed his creation in front of his mother and friends in a traditional Chinese ceremony on Friday.

A Japanese man Senji Nakajima has revealed he has finally found happiness with his girlfriend - a silicone love doll. He claims he enjoys the 'perfect' relationship with 'Saori' - even taking the dummy out shopping to buy it fancy outfits - despite the fact that he is married to a woman with whom he has two children.

Paloqueth will never judge to say these men seem odd, on the contrary, we understand how they feel, and to lead a positive living attitude, Paloqueth is also working hard on discovering quality sex doll. So, here we found one of our customers' review, to show the exact buying experience.


As promised, here is my review of the TPE Paloqueth doll, Anya.

I have very mixed feelings about the doll so far. Some things are fantastic and better than expected. Others not so much. This is my first doll, so I have no experience with silicone. Some of this may apply to silicone dolls, some may not. I figure the best way to do this is by topic.


Condition on arrival :The doll looked exceptionally real, and I was impressed. Luckily, they had shipped the doll nude without wearing any dresses. The fingernails and toenails looked nice,  not like that excess glue all over the fingers and toes. The fingers and toes are very jiggly, a little unrealistic, and easily get bent in unnatural positions. If you are really picky about fingers and toes, this is not the doll for you. Otherwise, the doll looks and feels amazing.


Clothing : I almost made a MAJOR mistake with a $6 pair of underwear. I had read that TPE dolls will stain clothing. I assumed that this meant by storing the doll wearing clothing for an extended period of time. NOT THE CASE!!! I put a pair of black underwear on the doll, and it stained her in about 15 minutes. It even stained her feet and legs, where the underwear touched her for 1 or 2 seconds while I was putting them on! Understandably, I was sick. I quickly removed the underwear, scanned the internet for help, and found a solution on another doll lover's website. I used odorless mineral spirits. After the first application, the stains lightened to about 50%. After the second application, they lightened to about 25% but were still clearly visible. But to my amazement, they continued to lighten and disappeared over the next 48 hours on their own. During this time, I transported her by car to my home. I had to leave her in a hot car for a few hours. When I unboxed her for the second time, I was astonished to see that she was "sweating," and the stains were gone. So I am assuming that the combination of mineral spirits and heat did the trick. The heat did no apparent damage whatsoever. So it looks like only white or pink clothing is safe for TPE dolls, which is fairly boring. I know this probably takes half the fun away from owning one, but if you are really big on dressing a doll, you may need to fork out the extra cash for silicone.


Functionality :All 3 entries of the doll feel amazing. However, even though I went for the size F breasts, it is nearly impossible to use the breasts for stimulation. Although they look and feel great, they are simply too rigid to be pushed together very much. But, this is pretty much the case with real women, even those with larger and or fake breasts. The skin of the doll feels very lifelike.  After cleaning, the powder had come off of the doll, which I reapplied once. But this is quite a chore. I actually like the shiny look to the skin more than I mind the sticky feel since I ordered the tanned version. I have decided to forgo the powdering. It seemed that a huge amount of lubrication was required at first, but now not as much. The doll holds whatever temperature she is exposed to, so an electric blanket and a warming insert is a must if you want a realistic temperature. A warming insert is included with the doll that plugs into a USB port.


Weight : Weighing at 60 lbs, I simply was not prepared for how heavy and awkward the doll is to move. I am a very large man, and very strong from 2 decades of a physically demanding job.  But trying to lift and position 60 lbs that do not have a "handle" while trying not to damage the doll is very difficult. While I like the extra height of the doll because it seems more lifelike, I am wondering if a smaller version would have been more suitable. I can not imagine a smaller or older person being able to move this doll.


Final thoughts : Overall, at $800, I am pleased with my purchase. I initially purchased the doll strictly for sexual purposes. I am probably not the typical doll purchaser. I am successful, reasonably attractive, and have had 100s of relationships with organic females. I could make a few text messages and have company most any night. But I purchased the doll because I am thoroughly sick of dating, and the hoops that most women want you to jump through for sex.  Also, the imperfections in a woman's body are quite a turn-off for me, and at 40 years old, I know this is only going to get worse in the women who are available to me. Organic women are frustrating and confusing, and I wanted a realistic, convenient means of satisfying my needs, without having to ask permission from anyone. But I was actually surprised that I feel a comforting sense of not being alone when I am with the doll. especially when I sleep. And she has given me a "take it or leave it" attitude towards organic women, which will probably work in my favor when I begin dating again. It seems the less interest you show in women, the more they want you. And knowing that I can have a release anytime I like is extremely comforting. Only time will tell how well the doll holds up, and if I become more or less attached and interested... but for now, I am pretty happy.


Yeah, our sex doll can't be too perfect, but we are still trying out best to upgrade them. We are pleased to see you guys enjoy the dolls, for whom hold the thought of experiencing sex and love with a sex doll, Paloqueth we are here sincerely to answer your any questions.


The doll Anya link :  Paloqueth Anya sex doll.

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