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Paloqueth Doll for Adult Sex

5.0 out of 5 stars

Paloqueth Doll for Adult Sex 4.59ft 140cm High Realistic Love Doll Toys with Metal Skeleton TPE Silicone Made Lifelike Real Doll for Men Sex Pleasure, Model Collection and Photography

$799.99  $959.99
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Product Specs
Product Dimensions: 55.1 x 13 x 7.9 inches ; 59.5 pounds
Shipping Weight: 70.5 pounds
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Rroduct Details

✅ 100% private and discreet shipping. Items will be handled & dispatched in 7-14 working days by FedEx (excluding 1-2 days order handling time)

✅ Being 4.59ft 140cm tall, Anya is a real life-size sex doll that in some cases can be your ideal life companion who has an E-cup size breast and 3 holes for sex

✅ Improved removable vagina design that makes it easy for cleaning and nursing. Take off the vagina, clean and dry the replacement when all is done. No vagina sticky hassle

✅ Durable environment-friendly & medical grade TPE material that makes her body so soft & bouncy & comfortable to touch. The metallic skeletons inside makes her free to create all sorts of poses

✅ Package: A pair of wigs (brown and blonde), sexy lingerie, blanket, instructions, heating stick, vaginal syringe and comb. A bottle of free water based lubricant will be a small gift for a purchase of Anya doll, MAKE SURE you add both to cart. The cross hat is NOT included in the package

Am I falling in love with Anya, the beautiful real doll?

Gorgeous blonde Anya has a distinctive hybrid look with her two beautiful and jiggly melons and firm butts, she is born to serve her master well, to kiss, cuddle and make love with you anytime you call as her juicy vagina will always be ready, NO MENSTRUATION. 

Besides the lower half thinking, Anya is also a good listener and the perfect synthetic partner for whom don't want to deal with humans' inconsistencies. Sweet Anya will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable.

Nowadays, dolls are used for many other purposes not only just sex, but also for photo shooting, filming even therapy purpose. The care process is rewarding, it is nice to have a doll which you can invest time to love better than no one as well as recieve fitness and health benefits. 

Key Features : Material: TPE ✒ Skin color: normal wheat ✒ Pupil Color: Blue ✒ Framework: Stainless steel 

Proportions : Upper bust: 32.3in (82cm) ✒ Under bust: 22in (56cm) ✒ Waist: 20.9in (53cm)✒ Hips: 30.3in (77cm)

Hole Depth : Vagina: 6.3in (16cm) ✒ Anus: 5.1in (13cm) ✒ Mouth: 3.9in (10cm)

Doll Measurements : Height: 4.59ft (140cm) ✒ Weight: 59.5lbs (27kg,Net Weight)

Package size: ✒ 52in*14.6in*10.6in (132cm*37cm*27cm)


Please avoid hot steam ( below 40°) and use some baby powder, shower gel or cleaner essence when giving here a bath.

Do not immerse neck joint in the water for its metal skeleton design. Use vaginal irrigator to clean vagina and anus. 

Some lubes or body fluids left uncleaned can cause deterioration. Some lubes or body fluids left uncleaned can cause deterioration.

Warning: You must be 18 above to purchase this product.

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • five star
    5 out of 5 stars
    By joe    10/10/2017
    I love this Doll she is everything as described.My first doll and first full size as well. So far this is great. The doll itself looks exactly as pictured. She is heavy. 70 pounds you really do get to see how out of shape you really are. For under $1000 you get a rigid skeleton that really grips into position and a fair bit of quality. Being on the cheaper side they use cheap nails and the teeth are represented but not individually as is the tongue. Eyes are very nice looking though cheap and only half orbs with stuffing in them. Fingers and toes all individual with fingers having wire in them toes donot. Doll leans to the more realistic side. Come with junk heater and very cheap cleaning pot. The dolls skin is nice but there are imperfections at this price range. Mine came with no manual though I don't know if that's standard. The openings are deep and tight. While the doll ships with a cleaning bottle, I'm concerned that I am not able to dry it completely which could cause bacteria grow. Still, I think I will be able to find a solution.Great product.Love it。
  • this doll out of curiosity and it turns out better than I expected
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Threadripper    28/09/2017
    I purchased this doll out of curiosity and it turns out better than I expected. I have always wanted a doll, but the products from name brand like DS Doll are simply way too expensive, out of my budget range.
    The packaging is discrete. It came with two wigs, a USB heater, a comb, a replacement insert and cleaner, and lingeries.
    It looks even prettier than the picture, very adorable and sexy. The body proportion is perfect for its height and the skin looks and feels realistic. The makeup on the face is gorgeous.
    It seems the build quality is great and should last quite long.
    It has a metal skeleton, so posing is possible. Just hold the body when you bend the leg or arm to avoid damage. When storing it, restore it back to lay flat position, so the skin won’t get wrinkled.
    The insert is removable and easy to clean. It may looks like non-removable, but it is. You cannot see it, but can feel it use your finger. Spreading the legs to make it easier to remove and install the insert.
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