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PALOQUETH 8 Inch Lifelike Dildo

4.5 out of 5 stars

Realistic Dildo Soft Liquid Medical Silicon for Vaginal G-spot Anal Play,PALOQUETH 8 Inch Lifelike Dildo with Strong Suction Cup for Women Couple FDA Approved

$21.99  $33
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Product Specs
✔ ASIN: B073ZBBL76
✔ Length: 8 inch
✔ Diameter: 1.57 inch
✔ Circumference: 4.92 inch
✔ Strong suction cup base
✔ Strap-on harness comaptible
✔ Waterproof and easy to clean
✔ Realistic sculpt and appearance
✔ Textured veins, ridged tip, and ball details
✔ Made from ultra-lifelike liquid silicon material
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Rroduct Details

1) The dildo is made of FDA approved phthalate free liquid silicon material that is entirely body safe and feels great against the skin.

2) This amazing penis-shaped dildo for women will make you believe you are riding a real stud! The realistic head, veiny shaft and wrinkly balls will fill you up just like a man would!

3) Built in bendable structure, Paloqueth dildo is super flexible, bend it, shape it, anything you want it, it is yours to master.

4) It features an extremely strong suction cup that works like a charm on any smooth surface, in order to let you simply lie back and enjoy your favourite fantasy while being penetrated to paradise.

5) Have someone to share the pleasure with? Just grab a harness, slip the suction cup base inside an O ring and you are now ready for some strap-on pegging action.

Let PALOQUETH Liquid Silicon Dildo Give You The Royal Treatment!

► Stick his sturdy suction cup base to any flat surface for hands-free riding fun! Take him in the bath or shower and continue your conquest of pleasure! 
Whether you are single, your lover is away, or you want to experience the excitement of a three-some without the drama this is the perfect dildo for you! You will love having this dildo at your command! 

► Caring for your product properly will keep it looking and feeling great for a long time, clean it with warm water and some toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. Let it dry completely after cleaning and then dust with some cornstarch to keep it smooth and feeling great. Enjoy.

Just Like The Real Thing!

► At a filling 8", the PALOQUETH realistic dildo is sure to please you in every way possible! Made from ultra-lifelike materials, this dildo looks and feels so much like the real thing, you almost can't tell it's not! The tapered head wills stimulate your imtimate spot for dripping wet ogasm! The generously veined shaft will caress you inner walls while you climax again and again! The ultra-realistic balls slap against your ass just like the real thing! You won't be disappointed!

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • Very well designed - perfect size AND perfect shape
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Tammee    19/10/2017
    Very well designed - perfect size AND perfect shape - a natural penis is actually more elliptical rather than circular - this company has realized and captured this nuance well, unlike so many others out there.
  • A great gift for your SO
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Amazon Customer    19/10/2017
    I love how the material is soft and bends to the touch, it makes using it way easier! It can take a lot when suction cupped down, and is actually kinda tough to get off of surfaces because of this.
    The lube included is a nice touch, and was pretty useful for me when I used it the first time! Its a good size but lube helps in any situation. Its got a nice girth to it, which might be a little thick for some. The silicone feels nice, I tried warming it up before use, and it felt great! The veins are pretty pronounced, which is a nice feel for this toy.
  • Perfect for Beginners!
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Erotifox    04/08/2017
    From the very beginning, I was a bit skeptical. The cheesy descriptions, overtly lengthy title, no real sense of what the toy exactly looked like out of the box; I can't say I expected a whole lot from this toy, or from PALOQUETH as a whole. I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed when I finally had a personal look at the toy. As my first order from the company, I'm pleased with the overall experience I've had with this toy.

    PACKAGING Packaging was discreet and well stored within the Amazon shipping box, though don't expect too much fanfare upon unboxing. There was no puncture or hole in the individual wrapping for the toy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean the toy before using it in order to make sure there are no lingering factory chemicals.

    Provided with the toy is a small 0.88mL of water-based lubricant. It was a nice touch, and good for getting started right away. However, it only took a couple sessions for it to run out, so I would recommend getting another bottle of lube to go with your toy. (Remember, anything other than water based lube will either destroy the toy or be very heard to clean off!)

    MATERIAL The material itself is quality silicone, meaning that it's easy to clean with either soap and water, or with specific toy cleaners toy cleaners. It's also quality silicone, as it has no harsh smell, and is therefore safe to store with other toys of this material. (If you notice that another toy you've purchased has a harsh smell or is of poorer quality, do NOT store with other silicone toys, as they can warp or damage other toys. It's happened to me, resulting in the silicone mildly deforming on the shaft and head of another toy.)

    The overall feel of the toy is fairly firm, as I would expect most toys of this general caliber to be. It's not going to pose any issue with inserting it, and it won't feel stiff or painful when using it (given you use lubrication).

    USING THE TOY: Credit where it is due; this is a great toy. The suction cup is strong and perfect for rougher use in the shower, on wooden surfaces, or any other place that your mind can think of. (See pictures for examples.) The veined texture itself is mildly present, but not obtrusive or uncomfortable, giving it more of a delightfully defined feel. The length and width of the toy, though certainly not a shrimp, didn't present itself as a challenge in any way.

    What really surprised me was the toy's ability to take shape and bend in different directions, making it easier to curve it in order to better hit those sweet spots. Do not be surprised if the shape you made it into changes after using it for more than a couple minutes, however. This isn't an issue in my book, seeing it more as a way of the toy conforming to better suit the way I was using it, though if you want a toy to hold a more firmer design, I would suggest looking for one that is already shaped the way you want it to.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: This toy would be perfect for someone's first sex toy or for the more vanilla users out there. The size is big but isn't isn't overwhelming, the material is great, and the overall function of the toy meets my expectations of what a dildo should be: good to use on your own.

    If you're already experienced, however, I would recommend finding something a size up. Beyond using it to help warm up, I can't see myself using the toy by itself for a long period of time without the use of other toys in the mix as well.
    5 out of 5 stars
    By ShannonAllen    04/08/2017
    This toy comes with everything you need to relieve the pressure build up. It is made of silicone and is very realistic in shape and texture. It is a BIG boy too. The bulbous head helps to bring pleasure from the point of entry all the way to the erogenous zones. The thick veiny shaft will make her feel like it is a real man pleasing her. It also comes with some lube just to help, as this is a fairly large toy. It also some what retains it shape, so as mine she likes her shafts curved a little, this one will accommodate that no problem. It is almost "pose-able" You will not be disappointed, we sure enjoyed it immensely.
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