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PALOQUETH 3D Mini Sex Doll

4.9 out of 5 stars

3D Mini Sex Doll with Busty 36DD Breast Perky Nipples Juicy Lips and Superbly Detailed Clitoris for Lifelike Experience , Paloqueth Realistic Vagina and Anal Male Masturbator for Male Sexual Pleasure

$45.99  $57
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Product Specs
Shipping Weight : 6.4 pounds
width : 7.9inch
long : 10.6inch
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Rroduct Details

✅ Made from Ultra Realistic TPR material and is cast in a life-life model. As close a recreation to the real thing as you can get.

✅ Paloqueth’s innovative internal system of ribs and nubs has been designed to bring you to new peaks that you never would have imagined possible from a toy. This new system is integrated into both orifices, but each unique in their own right to provide two different sensations to give you the option to decide what kind of mood you are in. The anal canal is not open on both ends, providing you with a stronger suction to enhance the stimulation.

✅ This product features the unique ability to add vibrations to the incredible sensations, if you think you can handle it. Insert the dual-vibrating bullets into the openings in the back to have these vibrations placed in exactly the right position to maximize your experience.

✅ The model includes a pair of gorgeous 36 DD breasts for you to enjoy however you would like.

✅ The open-ended design for the vaginal orifice allows for easy clean up. Simply run warm, soapy water through the device to clean it out and let it dry.

Bring your fantasies to life with the most realistic sex available from Paloqueth

Delve into either of her ribbed orifices for two distinctly different experiences to satisfy you no matter what mood you are in.
Every aspect of her body has been meticulously detailed by our artists and engineered to bring you a better than the real thing experience. 

Included with the doll is a sample of our newly designed water-based lubricant.
It has been designed alongside our product line to ensure the pairing is everything our customer's expect and demand. 

Key Features:

Made from smooth and supple real-feel TPR
Two openings each with their own unique sensation
Innovative channel design allowing for the option to add vibrations 
Compatible with water-based lubricants
Waterproof for cleaning 
Compatible with Paloqueth’s water based to enhance the experience



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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • great and fun purchase
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Molly Anne    24/08/2017
    I am very impressed with this sex toy. It feels so real. I got this for my boyfriend. The texture feels like real skin. The doll is well made and has weight to it. The doll is almost freaky how real it looks and feels. I have seen these in sex stores before and they go for around 200-400$ and they are nowhere near this good looking and feeling. This was a great and fun purchase.
  • It feels real
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Lisa M Diaz    24/08/2017
    I received this doll as a gift and it fascinated me. It is quite strong and with an ideal weight so that it does not move while being used. The details and colors are perfect, it feels smooth and natural when touched. The breasts are size 36DD its texture is impressive. The vaginal and anal area feels so real that with your eyes closed you forget that it is a doll. It is made of exceptional quality and can be seen in the manufacture, texture and use.
  • Very realistic
    5 out of 5 stars
    By David    24/08/2017
    This is definitely the most realistic full anatomy masturbator I have ever owned. I own ones that have have the two holes but never owned one with breasts which just adds another level of realism to it. With the breasts you have something to hold onto or just something else to look at. This masturbator feels great and I love the hip bones as well one more thing to make it realistic. Obviously this is a shrunk down version of what a woman actually is as there is no stomach but all the same this is an incredible product. There is a drainage hole for the vaginal entrance that comes out on the underside of tjis masturbator but the anal entrance has no drainage hole and the two holes dont connect which gives the anal hole more suction which is awesome. This is one of those exceptional toy brands that I have grown to love and trust. As always I hope this review helps in your buying decision. =)
  • Better Than the Real Thing!!!
    5 out of 5 stars
    By DW    01/08/2017
    Better than the Real Thing!!!
    Better than the real thing. Can you roll over in the morning & stick her anytime you want??? Hell No! But now you can, and this one doesn't even complain about it!!! Feels extremely life like in every way, but probably tighter than what you're used to getting at home. The vaginal opening is even complete with a clit and feels great. It's open ended for easy cleaning. The anal opening is much tighter and has a sealed end for great feeling suction power. You can add bullet vibrators to increase your pleasure and even place a Paloqueth Wand under it for even more vibration.. Well made of high quality material and has sufficient weight to stay in place & not move around. I am very glad that I bought this & I wish I had bought it sooner!
    It arrives in a discrete package and is wrapped in sealed plastic for cleanliness and protection. 3D Mini Sex Doll with Busty 36DD Breast Perky Nipples Juicy Lips and Superbly Detailed Clitoris for Lifelike Experience , Paloqueth Realistic Vagina and Anal Male Masturbator for Male Sexual Pleasure
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