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PALOQUETH Male Masturbation Cup

4.1 out of 5 stars

Male Masturbation Cup, PALOQUETH Pocket Pussy Stroker Male Masturbator with Vibrating Egg and Personal Lubricant for Men Masturbation(FDA Approved) 

$27.99  $37
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Product Specs
Product Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 3 inches ; 1 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds
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Rroduct Details

✔ BODY-SAFE & LIFELIKE FEEL MATERIAL: The inner sleeve is made from ultra soft TPR, features of phthalate free, latex free, skin-friendly, odorless and super stretchy, lifelike vagina with tempting lips welcome your member.

✔ USB RECHARGEABLE & MULTI SPEED: With built-in lithium battery and USB cord, this rechargeable masturbator will bring you endless fun, built-in vibrating egg has 10 frequencies, which will offer you more option to reach explosive orgasm.

✔ STRONG SUCTION & TEXTURED CANNAL: Design of single entry fleshlight, create great suction with every thrust, super realistic 3d ribbed interior canal moulded directly from real woman that delivers next-level sensations during stroke play. 

✔ ERGONOMICAL DESIGN & EASY TO HIDE: The outer case is made from ABS, design to fit your hand when grip, comfortable for hand-held thrills, compact and exquisite case can keep your secret from others, quite easy to hide after each on-demand orgasms.

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Question: My size is around 6 inch, I wonder that if this case fits me?
Answer I would like to said this will be a little bit small for you as you said you size is around 6 inches. This masturbation cup was designed for average size which is about 5-5.5 inches long erect, however, there's a function of this case that the inner sleeve can be removed out and use as a stroker. If you are not so sure if this case suits you, you can contact the seller for the answer, their customer service is very great, they will offer very nice service before and after purchase! Hope this helps you.
Question: Is packiging sicreet
Answer Yes, the packaging is very discreet, it comes in amazon standdard package. We would like to let you know that you could also remove the sleeve out of the case to experience another intense pleasure! And the lubricant is always recomended, plz search ASIN: B01FR1OD04 on Amazon to get years of pleasure! Feel free to contact us if you have further concerns, we will try our best to help you soon. Thank you.
Question: Does it arrive in discreet packaging?
Answer Dear customer, yes, please rest assured, the item will package in a white box and ship in amazon standard package, it is discreet, hope that this is helpful. Tips: this product is recommended to use with lubricant, for more compatible lube, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FR1OD04 to get years of pleasure!
Question: i just ordered style 1... will this be shipped descreet? please reply
Answer Dear Isaiah, thank you very much for your support, we understand that how important the privacy is to our customer, this product will be shipped out in Amazon standard packaging, please rest assured, if any concerns about the product, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will try our best to address your problem, hope that this helps, have a great day!
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  • A little small for me but...
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Shawn B.    12/07/2017
    this is a really great price for this product, upon first inspection it is well built and designed. i have used it many times, it is a little small for me, can not insert all the way in...if i use a little force it splits the case in 2, so given my girth and length its not optimal for me since i would need a larger size to accommodate, but guys avg size and smaller it will be perfect use for you and will certainly do the trick.
    It feels really good inside and around the appendage you would stick inside it! its easy to clean up just pull out the rubber part from the case not to forget about the vibrating egg inside of it, you need to pull that out of the small pocket before you pull it out all the way! i dont think the wire that connects to the egg is long enough since i had trouble trying to pull it out and reinsert it again after cleaning! just turn the pussy inside out and wash it up, dry it off and add a little powder to outside of it and reinsert it into the casing. the lube they gave seemed to be mixed a little differently than the larger bottle i have of the same brand! the small sample bottle is a thicker viscosity and has a more sticky feel than watery feel. i personally didnt like that. other than that its a great price for a decent product, i need a larger one for me though. if you dont mind the prepping time and clean up time before and after masturbating with this than give it a go lol
  • Reading Is Essential...Bought it, Loved it, You will too!
    5 out of 5 stars
    By VIP Status    12/07/2017
    Order arrived before time and in pristine condition. I read some of the other reviews before buying and some of them were complaints about the size. Reading is essential to buying online. After reading the product information, it clearly says 5-5.5 inches max. It's not one size fit all, doesn't claim to be so. It's super easy to clean. There's no hole in the bottom of the sleeve so after use, simply remove the sleeve, and wash thoroughly. Be sure to let it completely dry before putting it back in the case. Sound is basically nonexistent. There are a few tiny air-holes on the back that allows for breathing. Perfect for those who want to play without the insomniacs knowing what you're doing. Shipping is discreet. They also go a step further, it comes inside this sleek white case which is just as discreet as the shipping packaging. It features a variety of vibration patterns. Something different for multiple uses. My only issue is the decision to put the vibration egg on the side instead of end for max pleasure. But, I knew that before I bought it so it's not as much of a problem. All in all, if you read the product description thoroughly, expect to get exactly what you see. For me, worth the nearly $30 I paid for it. It comes with this small sample of Paloqueth lubricant which I haven't tried yet. Maybe, a separate review on that one. I love trying new brands of lubricants. But, I highly recommend this item if you're in the market to replace an old one or even try one for the first time; maybe you want to add to your collection, either way, I say go for it!
  • Great toy, the vibration feature is good but the bullet itself is kind of annoyi
    4 out of 5 stars
    By Harrison Rosser    12/07/2017
    Overall I enjoy this. I konw most people looking at reviews wanna know the bad first so I'll start with that.
    the only negatives I have for this are that the case is kind of small so I have to take the actual pocket pusy part out a good inch to fit fully inside. otherwise I feel like I'm running into a wall. The only other negative is the bullet, the vibrations are nice but I found myself not using them for a few reasons:
    1. the little "pocket" that the bullet sits in, begins rubbing away as you use the toy. The latex/ruber gets rubbed between the bullet and the inside of the cas, and now there's a hole in that part of the rubber, so when the vibration feature is on, you can hear it hitting the case and it makes an annoying noise.
    2. the bullet is kind of hard to reinsert into it's little pouch. especially when the hole I mentioned above is there and you don't want to rip it more.
    The toy feels pretty realistic. the grooves on the inside are nice and if you take it out of the casing, you can use your hand to make it feel tighter if need be. its easy to clean once you learn the best way to. and it's a good price. It has kept his charge for a while, i havent used it much but its been a good 2 months since I got it and its still running well. I would recommend for anyone wanting your basic toy for men. The vibration feature has some issues but I for one didn't expect that to be a feature on male toys (I don't know why) but I'm glad it is haha.
  • Great suction and vibration
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Bob    12/07/2017
    This is the first masturbation cup I bought and I like it. It came with some weird smell but the smell went away after a wash-inside out. The material is soft and tender, and the pussy is a little tight. There are texture inside the pussy to provide a more realistic feeling. The builder-in vibrator is a plus. The viberation is adjustable and you may find the perfect spot by twisting the cup.
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