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Paloqueth Penis Ring Set

4.5 out of 5 stars

Penis Ring Set, PALOQUETH Premium Silicone Erection Rings Stretchy Cock Rings for Longer Lasting Orgasm (1 Pkg / 4 Rings FDA Approved)

$9.99  $15
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Product Specs
Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
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Rroduct Details

Superior silicone cock rings that may help you achieve a stronger erection and delayed ejaculation.
A cock ring is a simple O-shaped toy that's worn around the penis for enhanced stimulation, and it's perfect for couples. It works by stopping the blood from flowing back down penis, which hardens and prolongs erections--so you can both enjoy better sex for longer. The ring set comes with four various shapes that can maximize pleasure for your partner by stimulating their clitoris or perineum during sex, it is a great sex toy to spice up your bed room fun!

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Question: Can I wear the ring on my neck?
Answer Its not meant for necks. Its for a penis. The tip, middle and bottom. There is one for your the ball sack.
Question: How do you put on the 3 hole ring?
Answer I recommend you google it. A hint, your junk has three parts and you can just do it by the process of elimination. Who says there is just one way to wear it. Have some fun with it....LOL
Question: How well does the elasticity last over multiple uses ?
Answer The elasticity last quite well over multiple uses compared to similar rings.
Question: How long do they last?
Answer These rings are made of very stretchy yet durable silicon, they can last several months maybe longer if maintained properly. Please do not worry, At PALOQUETH, for any product you bought, you are 100% covered 30 day no risk money back guarantee and a 90 manufacture warranty. If there is anything wrong with your product, please come back to us before you contact Amazon for a return, because here is what we will do for you 1) Replacement/Refund at your request 2) A free silky eye mask will be sent as an apology 3) Any other product you buy from our store in the future, you get 50% off discount. That's a PROMISE.
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • One of the best items to add to your drawer.
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Sami    12/07/2017
    These things feel great and also make you look awesome. I recommend these for anyone trying to last longer, which would be everyone.
  • great for play, make sure to shave first
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Binkie van Es    12/07/2017
    I am new to using penis rings but also very curious so I decided to order these rings. I loved using them, it is very playful and you get a completely different sensation in your penis. They are comfortable to wear and easy to put on, they are very stretchy but yet firm when applied. One solid piece of advice is to make sure you shave your penis and entire crotch area, the rings are silicone and when moving them they roll and will catch hair.
    I tried wearing the triple ring for an extended time, but had to take if of after one hour, guess it takes training.
    The triple ring, when worn underneath your clothing nicely increases your bulge, it makes you very aware also of your penis when you walk around with it
  • The best rings I've had
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Assman    12/07/2017
    These are the best rings I've ever owned. They're comfortable and won't pull badly at hair. They have just the right amount of give and don't stretch out and lose elasticity. They are all comfortable even with above average girth. My favorite is the 3 piece ring. I absolutely love it. If I didn't know what these cost, I would have thought at least $20. I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • Great for the not so girthy
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Amazon Customer    12/07/2017
    I've only used these a few times and love them! I only have a 4" girth (in circumference) so I used the smallest ring. It fit very snugly and restricted blood flow without being too tight. My partner also said she had a little bit of extra stimulation on her clit when I was on top which caused her to climax. I tried the three hole ring as well and wrapped it around my penis and balls and it fit comfortably, but didn't restrict flow in my penis because I'm not super girthy. I don't see the incentive to wrap around the balls though, but to each their own.
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