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Here's how to get your lady to take it all off for you.

Expressing your sexual desires in a relationship is really important, as is having your lady strip tease for you. It might be an awkward topic to broach at first, but an experience that could be very fun and fulfilling for you both. So if you want to entice her inner Dita Von Teese out, you'll have to do it with honesty and respect. Make her feel sexy, and she'll be sexy for you. Here's how you can get your lady into the idea of doing a strip tease for you.

Communicate Your Desires

Most women aren't walking around thinking, "You know what I should do for Bob? A strip tease!" So, you should tell her it's on your mind. If you let her know what you want, you might be surprised how open to suggestion she'll be. Be honest, but don't be gross, and always remember this isn't just about you, it's supposed to be a fun activity for you both. Be trustworthy, and don't run your mouth about it to your pals either. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell!

Flatter Her

Let your lady know she's the sexiest thing you've ever seen. Strip teasing really puts someone on the spot, so be reassuring and encouraging, and give her the confidence and safe space to really get into it. Remember that this is just as much about making her feel good as it is about you!

Be Prepared To Reciprocate

If you want to sweeten the deal for her, why not offer to reciprocate? Prepare to offer her your best performance to make the experience truly mutual. It's the sexiest way you can entertain one another.

Give Her Something To Help Her Out

Everything about a strip tease should be sexy and sensual. Give your lady some gifts to help her out, like maybe some lingerie and definitely the Women Sexy Babydoll Lingerie , which will let her tease you, and herself, with a selection of PALOQUETH Cordless Wand Massager. It's the perfect way to turn a strip tease from something arousing into something mind blowing.

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