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PALOQUETH Realistic Pocket Pussy

3.5 out of 5 stars

Realistic Pocket Pussy, PALOQUETH 3D Male Masturbator TPR Pocket Stroker Sex Toys for Men Masturbation (5.5 Inch FDA Approved)

$9.99  $20
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Product Specs
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.2 x 2.8 inches ;
7.4 ounces
Shipping Weight: 8 ounces
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Rroduct Details

✿✿✿SPECIAL OFFERS✿✿✿ Receive ONE Pocket Pussy for FREE (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014VVYT5K), how to get it: Add to cart together with 3D Realistic Vagina for Men Sex

✅ With 3.5 inch for erection, 2.2 inch in diameter, this soft and stretchy pocket stroker is compatible with most men.

✅ The close-ended design for strong suction, the small stimulation nubs in canal for more realistic and intense feeling.

✅ Made of medical TPR, soft, smooth, latex and phthalate free, easy to use and clean, enjoy her tight and pretty vagina in shower!

✅ Lubricate her up before playing for more natural feeling. An sample of water based lubricant is included to make sure you can thrust immediately.

Paloqueth - Passion Love Queen Thirsty

# Amazon best-selling masturbators on amazon.de

The PALOQUETH pussy masturbator is ready to get down with you anytime you want!

Take solo play up a gear with this soft, life-like masturbator! With the fantastic ribbed texture inside and extra-deep to accommodate your whole length, the juicy lips are begging you into deep, just fill her with every inch of your man meat, complete control is yours during the wildest of sessions!

Experience your explosive orgasm!

Thanks to their flexibility, you can use them in any conceivable position. Everyone who loves a soft, virgin cunt will be crazy about this one here. The fleshy exterior is super soft and feels like the real thing. Easy grip design on the outside make sure you will always enjoy the incredibly lifelike sensations as you thrust into a real vagina. Since this PALOQUETH pocket Pussy is wonderfully handy, you can confidently concentrate on the essential without much effort. A hot idea, right? Which is already greedy for use, whether at home or on the road. Experience your explosive orgasm!

At a glance:

✔ Ribbed realistic vagina masturbator
✔ Made of soft and pliable, tactile TPR
✔ Ribbed structure on the outside for better grip
✔ Perfect masturbator for beginners
✔ Easy to use and clean
✔ 30ml free water-based lubricant
✔ Most frequently given No.1
✔ Bestseller # 1 in masturbators & love dolls on amazon.de

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • REAL Honest Review, Small Size
    4 out of 5 stars
    By VincentTOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE    14/04/2017
    I was very skeptical before purchase seeing the reviews* for this product, but seeing that it's around $10, it being mid-week and had the feeling I may be lonely this the weekend i decided to give the product a shot (since Amazon Prime gives 2 days shipping).

    *Have you read the reviews for this product? More than 50% are from women who got this product for free or at a discount giving very vague second hand opinions from their husband, boyfriends, fiances, or gag gift for male friend. Most of those reviews literally goes like this: 'So I got this product for free and I forgot that this product is mainly for men so... I let my husband try it. He said it was okay. 5 stars!' Why would you even accept the offer from the seller if you're not going to give real first hand accounts of the product?! At least share some fingering experience with the product. Anyway enough about politics, on to my honest review of the product.

    When I ordered it, on the product page there was only one size available, the small (or what i can tell at the time from the stock photo diagrams) so I went on purchasing it. The other sizes are on this product link:

    Paloqueth 3d Realistic Vagina for Men Sex TPR Vagina Pocket Pussy Pal Masturbator Male Sex Toys (Super)

    The overall length of the small size is about 5 inches (a little less than 5.5 inch if you count the exaggerated labia sticking out), and its inside length is about 5 inch, but it's stretchable so it can accommodate someone who is a little over 5inch (which for those who don't know, the average length for a male is around 5.6inches). Well if you are above average you may want to look elsewhere (or the link provided above) as the product may feel uncomfortable for you; for those who are within that size range stick around.

    Exterior is soft and very stretchy. Very unique design on the outside as it's slippery while providing a lot of grip with all the curves and contours; very ergonomic when using.

    The entrance is very tight as you need lube and erection to enter this thing.

    The inside is nothing like what you see in the cross sectional diagram in the stock ad photo of the product description. There is no "realistic cervex" section as it goes straight into the "unique G spot". Even that is not as pronounced as the one in the photo as it has less bumps displayed and are more spread out. The unique G spot section only accounts for maybe half a inch of the actual product, the rest is pretty smooth throughout with a little more of those bumps or nubs peppered throughout, and the end "realistic vagina" section doesn't have the 3 different compartments rather there's an end point with some nubs present in the g sport section only less.

    With this said, great for practicing teasing with the head of your shaft or for fingering. After the half inch mark it gets really smooth which is great for fast and furious motions. Although you don't get a lot of sensation after you hit the half inch mark, it is great for testing out your stamina for when you do enter the real thing. The inside is not too tight and not too loose while still being very soft and silky making it 10x better than using your hands. Definitely worth the $10 in my opinion.

    Clean up is easy, you have to have to flip it inside out, and air dry it.

    Package came discrete. If you order it from Amazon Prime is comes in your typical Amazon box. The actual product itself is contained in a plain brown box wrapped in non-transparent plastic.

    A lot of false advertisements revolving this product, but overall good masturbator for the price. Be sure to check your length before purchase if you want the most comfortable experience

  • Easy to clean silicone
    5 out of 5 stars
    By GreenEyedBelle    14/04/2017
    This is very realistic and has lots of details for extra sensations that most pocket pussies do not have. This is made for the smaller than average man. 4 inches or less fully erect. Easy to clean silicone.
  • this will help you release the stress and tension
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Carg    14/04/2017
    When you are gone for extended periods of time and miss your lovin this will help you release the stress and tension. It is not as good as the real deal, but it is a very close second. It came in a nice package, and all you have to do is wash it and lube it up. Then just have some fun, and if you want to make it better call your wife - lover while using it. To wash it, I put the opening to the faucet and let it fill with water, a few time to rinse the inside. It blows up like a water balloon, just do not put too much water or it may really blow up...
  • Soft feel and great quality
    4 out of 5 stars
    By Jane    14/04/2017
    I bought this for my SO, and I would say that he has thoroughly enjoyed it. This sex toy has bumps and ribs inside that heighten the experience and make it all the more enjoyable. One thing I must say is that this had a weird chemical smell when we first got it. The smell came out after a few washes. I would say that this is a good toy, since it has yet to tear. One thing I like about this toy is that it's closed on the other side, which allows the guy to finish inside. For cleaning, use soap and water while using your fingers to clean it out. Do not turn this toy inside out for cleaning as that may cause tears. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned it as this toy has a strong auctions that makes liquids harder to spill out. The suction is a positive point, as it heightens the man's pleasure.
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