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Paloqueth Restraint Kits

4.3 out of 5 stars

146 customer reviews

Restraints for Sex, PALOQUETH 10 Pcs BDSM Toys Leather Bondage Sets Restraint Kits Sex Things for Couples.

$21.69  $30
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Product Specs
Dimensions: 23.6 x 21.4 x 6.6 centimetres
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Rroduct Details

✅  STURDY, SAFE, SOFT AND COMFORTABLE MARTERIAL: All the pieces are a soft sexy sturdy leather with soft black fur lining for comfort, made of premium PU leather nylon and plush, free of phthalate, very durable and safe for couples’ bedroom fun!

✅  MULTIPLE BONDAGE PLAY ALL IN ONE SET: It comes with a wide variety of fetish toys, ten new and erotic items included, so you can use just one, several or all of the toys at a time to travel in your BDSM world!

✅  ADJUSTABLE SIZE FITS MOST PEOPLE: The wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, the collar and mouth gag were made of leather with high quality metal buckles, which fit most men and women, great way to spice up your sexual life!

✅  BEST VALENTINES/ANNIVERSARY/BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE GIFT: This set is not overpriced and is sexy valentines or anniversary gift for those BDSM lovers, for those who looking for a little spice, it would be a perfect introductory set for your bestie or fella.

✅  DISCREET PACKAGE AND COMPACT SIZE: Discreet package keeps things confidential, and the compact size allows you to take the whole set or part of items on the go, in holiday hotel or at your date night, just experience in bondage role play like the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!

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Customer Questions & Answers
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • An Extremely Well Made Beginners Bondage Set
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Metallman    30/03/2017
    First off, you may wonder why a married couple with a healthy relationship want to divulge themselves into a world of bondage. Well, it's because we like to keep things fresh, we like to try new things, and we are a bit adventurous. One of the things that we promised ourselves when we first got married was that we will not let the flames of passion flicker away. You don't want that boring routine to take over the bedroom and dampen your sex life. Having a bondage set can definitely keep things interesting and this 10 Pcs Bondage Set by Paloqueth is perfect to take that first step into bondage.

    Let's start off with privacy. I know that a lot of people will have reservations about ordering something like this online, but when you receive your item, the box will be a plain brown box and it will have have a simple label on there. In no way will anyone know what you ordered so Paloqueth scores big on privacy points. Once opening the box, the 10 Pcs Bondage set is inside a black, non transparent bag. Again, Paloqueth scores points on privacy.

    The bag has a zip lock on it that is pretty sturdy, actually. I turned the bag upside down a few times and shook it to see if the bag will open, but all the items stayed inside. As for the items themselves, all of the items look to be extremely well made. The blindfold, cuffs, and collar have this extremely soft plush lining that feels great against the skin. Also, the leather on the items feels like its built to last. It's very thick, yet, it doesn't feel rough. That's great, since you're going to want to be comfortable while confined. The mouth gag itself is small plastic ball with air holes in it. A nice touch, especially for newbies (more on that later). The strap to secure the gag is made out of that same leather and is pretty comfortable. The nipple clamps worried me a bit... at first. I believed that they would clamp down on you pretty hard and may be a bit too much to handle. To my pleasant surprise, the clamps have 2 features that help reduce that intimidation factor tremendously. First off, the clamps have plastic strips on the clamping part. This is great since you won't be feeling metal pressed up against your skin. The second feature is that they completely adjustable. My turning a small screw, you can adjust the pressure that the clamps will apply. Loosening the screw will allow for a tighter grip while tightening the screw reduces the pressure. Absolutely wonderful! The flogger seems to be made of thinner strips of the leather that the other items uses. This is pretty cool since the leather feels pretty good and it's not rough. Flicking the flogger against my hand produces a sting, but not enough to cause immense pain. Again, wonderful for newbies! The flirting feather is super light and is exactly what it claims to be... just a feather on long stick. lol So let's get into my experience.

    Now, I mentioned that we are newbies to this, and though we can be adventurous, this was our first experience with a bondage set like this. One thing that I have to absolutely love, LOVE, about the Paloqueth 10 Pcs Bondage Set is that there are many features to help a newbie feel safe. Though the purpose of bondage is experience a submissive and dominance role with your partner, one thing about bondage sets is that they can be extremely intimidating. Though you would like to try it out, the intimidation factor can definitely keep you from doing so. Paloqueth knows this and put in a lot of features to ease that intimidation. Things like, the pressure adjuster on the nipple clamps, the air holes in the gag, most, if not all, buckles and straps have a bolt snap hook attached to them so that if you can easily reach them and release yourself from constraint. Again, this is absolutely perfect for newbies.

    I won't get into to much detail about our experience, but we did do our due diligence and try out each and everything in the 10 Pcs Bondage Set and let me tell you... it was quite experience! But that story is for another day! We're here to talk about the items in the set. So let's go down the list and I'll give you a quick something something about each one!


    The blindfold is extremely comfortable. The plush lining is just super comfy and even though it is part of a bondage set, my wife is already talking about using it as a night mask for sleep. It does its job well and keeps your partner from seeing anything while on.


    Not only does the ankle cuffs rock, so do those shoes! The cuffs are also, super comfy. The cuffs are not marked "hand" or "ankle" but you can tell which is which by the size. The hand cuffs are slightly smaller than the ankle cuffs. Also, each pair of cuffs are linked together with a bolt snap hook. The hook serves as a means to keep the pair together, to provide a bit more constraint, and to provide an easy out if the constrained partner feels the need to be released. The cuffs are adjustable and both sets can accommodate both a man and a woman's wrists and ankles. A perfect addition to anyone's bedroom!


    The thought of being hog tied with a gag in your mouth while being flogged is the quintessential image of bondage. That may be a bit intimidating. This particular mouth gag is not so hard core. By that, I mean that there are air holes in the gag so that you can breath through your mouth if needed. This helps reduce the intimidation factor. Knowing that your mouth is not fully covered eases your mind a bit and allows you to experience bondage with a little more comfort. Again, great job Paloqueth!

    here's not much you can say about the flogger and the feather other than they do their job and do it well. The flogger is made of the same leather material as the other items, albeit, its a bit thinner. Also, when flogging, the most you'll get is a sting as opposed to a full on painful experience. A nice touch.

    As for the flirting feather, it's simply a feather attached to a long plastic stick. It's super light and super fluffy. I guess it's good to use while being blindfolded but we kind of ditched it right away. In my personal opinion, the feather is good for any other sensual time but it seems a little out of place in a bondage set.


    Similar to the cuffs, the leather collar is lined with a super soft plush that simply feels heavenly against the skin and made with the same leather. The collar is adjustable and it also comes with a thin leather leash that attaches to collar. Personally, I thought that the collar looked great without the leash. It's just a great piece to accentuate the neck and I find it extremely sexy. We'll probably just continue to use it sans leash but it's good to know that if we ever do decide to take it to that next level, we have that option readily available.


    Here's were, "a little pain with you sex", comes into play. The nipple clamps have small padded silicone sleeves on the clamps. This is great for grip (you don't want them to slip from your fingertips while clamping!) and the silicone provides a soft tip when pressed against your skin. The last thing you want (or maybe you do?) is metal being pressed against your sensitive parts. lol There is also a small screw that you can twist to open up the mouth of the clamp. By opening the mouth, you apply less pressure when clamping. Again, perfect for the newbie that wants to experience bondage but wants to minimize the pain. The only problem that I had with the clamps is that the silicone sleeves easily fall off from the clamps. You can easily lose them in the heat of passion if you're not careful. I strongly suggest gluing them to keep them in place. That way you don't have to worry about loosing them.


    So there you have it, friends. Pretty PG, no? lol Anyways, I think that this 10 Pcs Bondage Set by Paloqueth is pretty good for introducing a newbie to bondage. The only thing that I found missing is a small guide. It would be great to have a small set of instructions of "Dos and Do Nots" and possibly introduce a few rules of bondage, such as having a safe word... you know... just in case. Other than that, everything in this set is extremely well made and extremely comfortable.

  • That spiced things up.
    5 out of 5 stars
    By amazon customer    30/03/2017
    My partner and I are not the fist time to use restraint, but this is the fist time we leave a review. It is very well made and the materials feel good. Very simple to use and store away. We enjoy using these during play and it definitely brings out a side to him that I enjoy. He explained to me that it really heightened all of his sensors and took things to a different element, so did I. When he handcuff my hands and legs, put the blindfold on my eyes, start to whipping me, or use the flirting feather, or even the nipple clamps on me, oh my gosh!!
  • Five Stars
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Christopher    30/03/2017
    Excellent if you want to try out or get into BDSM
  • Great Quality!
    5 out of 5 stars
    By Raven Justice    30/03/2017
    For the price, the items are a lot more sturdy than I expected. Great quality!
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